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258 15505 7000
VIP Girls Hostel
Rs. 7000
Street #. 2/6, Dhobi Ghatt
Ideal Location Near GC. University Safety Neat & Clean Environment....
Sajidanwar 6 months ago Faisalabad
Apartment/Flat Male Monthly
UPS & Generator Included 15505 views
251 28592 4000
Ideal Girls Hostel
Rs. 4000
Jinnah Colony
Ideal Location Safety Neat & Clean Environment..
Sajidanwar 2 months ago Faisalabad
House Female Monthly
UPS & Generator Not included 28592 views
183 104950 4500
Boys Hostel For Uni Of Sargodha and Ripha Uni
Rs. 4500
Near Riphah Uni Satiana Road Campus
AOA BEST HOSTEL FOR Uni Of Sargodha Satiana Road Campus And Riphah Uni Satiana Road Campus GAS , GENRATER Facility NEAT AND CLEAN NEAR MAIN SATIANA RO..
PlaceMe Official 3 months ago Faisalabad
House Male Monthly
Central Included 104950 views
112 115956 1500
The Rajpoot Hostel
Rs. 1500
Street No 1, Aminabad No 1
Including all major facilities, clean and neat envorionment with Electricity and clean drinking water. Naeem Ullah Khan - 03041359702..
PlaceMe Official 3 months ago Faisalabad
Plaza Male Monthly
UPS Only Not included 115956 views