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Request accommodation [Feature]

1 week ago by Moxet Khan
Accommodation request allows you to list your desire hostel/room if you failed to find one. Hostel owners and students will get your details from the requests and can contact you. The workflow of searching a hostel is very basic and easy, all you have to do is to find your desire city in the drop down and head towards search page.

If you failed to find in the search result you can try cluster search with the help of google map; it will show you nearby hostel with an interactive map. Sometime students failed to find the desirable hostels even in cluster search as the hostel is not yet listed in our database. In this case we believe that accommodation request feature will help a lot of students to get attention from hostel owners and those listing rooms.

The database of requested accommodation will be live and anyone can access you via the contacts mentioned in the request.

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