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The city of Abbottabad has an old-world, picturesque look and is located in the north-eastern part of Pakistan. Since colonial era, Abbottabad has been a foremost tourist centre and transit point to nearby tourist destinations like Nathiagali in the region. Abbottabad is bounded by hills from which visitors can have a view of the city and region. The city was founded by Major James Abbott during the British era. It was from his name Abbott, the city was named Abbottabad. Abbottabad was the military cantonment.

The good climate condition, vegetation and beautiful mountains are strong points that have elevated the city to a major tourist destination in Islamabad. Tourism is at the core of the city’s economy. The city has seen impressive growth in education level; ranking second in the country. Pakistan Military Academy in Abbottabad is where the country’s military officers are trained.

Tourist Attractions

The attraction to Abbottabad ranges from the hills, military institution and the climate. Tourists like to visit Abbottabad cemetery, military cantonment and the church of Pakistan also known as St Luke’s Church. The beautiful weather of Abbottabad attracts tourists in the cold winters and summer making the city a top destination for holidaymakers in Pakistan.

From the Sarban hills, visitors can have a view of the whole city and region. Other places of attraction are Simla Resort, Abbottabad public library. The city of Abbottabad serves as a transit city for tourist to nearby resorts in Giligit, Swat, Galliat and Thandiani. Take a trip through Karakorum Highway for the view.

Accommodation in Abbottabad town

Hotels in Abbottabad provide quality lodging services for tourist depending on the location of their choice. Hotel De Manchi Abbottabad is a convenient hotel in Abbottabad that has spacious rooms fitted with amenities for the comfort of visitors.


Public transportation systems are cool and convenient to move around Abbottabad. From Islamabad the capital city, you can board a bus to Abbottabad. As the transit city for many tourists, the transport system is of good quality. Buses, Taxis and mini vans operate in Abbottabad to take tourists to their various destinations.

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