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The principal name of Faisalabad was Chenab Colony, then Sandalbar, then Lyallpur and at present is Faisalabad.Faisalabad is also known as Manchester of Pakistan. Faisalabad was once a portion of old region of Jhang and Sandalbar, a 50 square kilometers (19 sq mi) part basically comprised of thick backwoods and wild tribes. The tract from Shahdara to Shorekot, Sangla Hill to Toba Tek Singh, was customarily called Sandalbar.

Faisalabad is essentially a modern and agrarian city. It is the second biggest business city in Punjab and it is a district for venture and monetary success. Materials produce the best business in this city. There is a determination of destinations and vacation spots; be that as it may, even with such quick development the nation needs authentic criticalness since it was created for the most part in the most recent hundred years.

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Faisalabad is famous for for exploring, thats why it is known as Manchester of Pakistan. Faisalabad Clock Tower,Chenab Club, Faisalabad Railway Station,Gumti Water Fountain,Qaisery Gate, Rail BazarFaisalabad, Hockey Stadium,Iqbal Stadium, Cricket StadiumJinnah Garden,Sindbad Amusement Park Faisalabad,Gatwala Forest Park Faisalabad,Marvida Tower Faisalabad,Borstal Institution and Juvenile Jail ,FaisalabadPahari ,Ground (Kashmir Park),Faisalabad Arts Council,Lyallpur Museum . Faisalabad has always been a hub of literature. Renowned poets and prose writers belong to this city.


Faisalabad International Airport is approximately 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) from the city centre, and is a major transit point for exporting goods to other parts of Pakistan and abroad.Local transport is depend upon buses,cars,taxi,riskshaw, M3access-controlled motorway connects Faisalabad with the motorway M2 near Pindi Bhattian which furthermore connects withRawalpindi/Islamabad, Lahore and Multan but for Passenger flights are run by the national flag carrier, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). Airblue, Aero Asia International and Shaheen Air used also to operate from the airport, but have currently suspended operations from Faisalabad.

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