Facts about Multan - PlaceMe Pakistani Cities Guide


Often referred to as The City of Saints, Multan is a city located in south Punjab on the banks of the Chenab River. The city is in the geographical center of Pakistan and consists of six independent towns namely Bosan, Mumtazbad, Sher Shah, Jalalpur, Shah Rukan e Alam and Shujabad. Multan is the destination for many travellers who are seeking to explore religious sites.

Multan was nicknamed City of Saints for the numerous shrines and Sufi saints from the city. As the city is well connected by air and rail, Multan is a commercial hub that has several industries such as glass manufacturing, flour mills and cotton production.

Things to do in Multan

There are a lot of places to see in Multan; starting from Multan Fort ruins to the numerous parks and historical gates. Known for the shrines, you should see places like Shrine Shah Ali Akbar, Shrine Khwaja Awais Kagha and the 900 years old Shrine Mai Maharban.

Don’t miss the Clock tower called Ghanta Ghar, one of the landmarks of the old city. Other places to see are Hussain Agahi Bazar, Cantonment Park, Jinnah Park and Chaman Zar Askari Lake Park. At the central market in Multan, visitors will find local crafts like traditional shoes (Multani Khussa), carpets, ceramics and copper wares. Multan is known for its mangoes – you should have a taste of it.

Best places to stay in Multan

Multan hotels offer good accommodation and state of the art facilities to their guests. Some of the recommended hotels in Multan are Hotel One – Multan and Hotel Fiesta Inn.

Public Transportation and Airport

For those planning to fly into the city, there is the Multan International Airport that serves the city and its vicinity. The airport has direct flights to and from Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and international flight to Dubai. You can take train to Multan from every major city in Pakistan that has railway service. In the city, there are buses, rickshaws and taxis plying several routes.

What else you know about Multan