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Sialkot is the real fare city in the northern Punjab territory of Pakistan, found 135 kilometer north-west of Lahore and just a couple of kilometers from Jammu including a populace of around 6,00,000. It is one of the major modern focuses of Pakistan. Sialkot is understood for its assembling and fare of surgical instruments, musical instruments, sports merchandise, calfskin products, material items and other light makes. Sialkot is famous all over the world because of its Sports Equipment and Surgical Instruments manufacturing industry. A Pakistan Army base (Sialkot Cantonment) is arranged contiguous the city.

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Sialkot boasts as a great center of Punjabi culture.The old city has a fascinating labyrinth of narrow streets and crowded bazaars. In the old part of the city is located the shrine of Hazrat Imam Ali-ul-Haq also known as Imam Sahib. The mausoleum complex is a maze of narrow corridors leading to several shrines of saints. The tomb of Imam Ali-ul-Haq is to the right, through a mirrored gateway tiled with Koranic inscriptions and geometric designs. On a low hill in the centre of the old city are the few remains of the Sialkot Fort. It is one of the oldest forts in Pakistan established around the 2nd century AD. The shrine of the saint Muradia Shah is also on the Fort. Puran Puran's Well is a famous historical site,which is related with Punjabi folklore 'Bhagat Puran'.


Sialkot is about two hours from Lahore and four hours from Islamabad. Sialkot is linked with the National Highway N-5 through Gujranwala and Wazirabad. A dual carriage-way is available between Sialkot and Wazirabad. Sialkot have same local transport as other cities of Pakistan have , it have good transport system . People use buses,taxi's,rickshaws.

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