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They are a progression of superb Hill-resorts on the edge in the middle of Murree and Abbottabad and are more appealing than different urban communities. Murree is an extremely famous slope station around 50 km north of the capital Islamabad while Abbottabad is a city in KPK region with an exceptionally British climate. Notwithstanding, between them is an awesome street which has been completely repaired from being the "parkway to damnation" to being a magnificent 2 path street and assurance on the sides. The primary vacationer remain focused street is the town of Nathia Gali and the resort of Ayubia. Nathia Gali is known as the City of Fog for it can get extremely foggy here. The typical meaning of haze doesn't remain here.

Mist implies perceivability diminished to 1 km here haze mean perceivability decreased to a couple feet. Additionally, this range gets the most astounding precipitation in Pakistan and it generally is by all accounts down-pouring here (which is great).Murree's early development was in 1851 by President of the Punjab Administrative Board.

Things to do

Murree is purely place for tourists, they can enjoy nature beauty here and also can take rest in good hotels.Murree have collection of many other sub areas have same feelings . They are Darya Gali,Changla Gali,Dunga Gali,Gulehra Gali, GhelBochal, Kakrahi, Ghora Gali,Bansra Gali,Jhika Gali,Khaira Gali,Mohra Sharif,Nathia GaliAliout, Patriata,Thandiani, Collectiveley it is known as "Galiyaat".


In murree transportation services are really great due to tourism dept is working on many options to make Murree accessable and reachable for all of tourists.If you are to hire a taxi from Islamabad to Murree you need to pay just really small amount of money and the taxi will drop you from Faizabad to Murree and if you want it double way you may even get it in some small amount of money for Islamabad-Murree round trip.If you are to go by bus you have to pay just little As one way fare.

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