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The Gilgit-Baltistan is the most tremendous and captivating locale of Pakistan. It arrives that the world's four renowned mountain ranges meet - the Himalayas, the Karakorams, the Hindukush and the Pamirs. The entire Gilgit-Baltistan has come to be known as a heaven for mountain climbers, climbers, trekkers, explorers and fishermen of the most popular "Trout fish".

The moon soon winds are obstructed by the monstrous of Nanga Parbat and mists can not reach Gilgit which makes it dry and tough however the work of the solid and willing neighborhood populace has even asserted the hard mountains for cultivation's. Because of this there are excellent green orchids of numerous natural products in the valley.

Things to do

Gilgit is famous for its natural and adventure tourism,Gilgit is full of beautiful. Mostly their own people love to hunt. You can do limbing,Trekking,Hunting,Fishing,Biking,Rafting,Paragliding,Camping, easily with much sort of things to enjoy your stay at Gilgit. Places to visit in Gilgit are Natlar,Karagh,Bagrote,Danyore,Duikar,Hopper,Passu,Gulmit,Khalti,Phandar,Hundarap,Langar,Skardu,Khaplu are famous for traveling and discovering .

There are many famous places in Gilgit , Fairy Meadows,Phandar Valley,Phandar Valley,Gupis Valley,Gupis,Shandur ,Satpara Lake, Mountain K2 , are one of them tourists much.


Gilgit have mostly snowy areas and roads to travel thats why it have small buses and cars for transportation,Run totally by private proprietors of "Suzuki", smaller than normal vans, and taxis. Gilgit is arguably the most important of the five divisions that comprise the province of Gilgit Baltistan. Gilgit is the main seat of the province and is the key junction in the north for travel all points of the compass.

Gilgit is the main gateway for the trade between China and Pakistan and is also known as a mini Kashgar. The border crossing between China and Pakistan at Khunjerab Pass—the highest border of the world—is open only between May 1 and October 15 of every year. During winter, the roads are blocked by snow.

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