Facts about Swat - PlaceMe Pakistani Cities Guide


Swat is a district in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The district got its name from the Swat valley which is an upper valley of the Swat River. The area around the Swat valley is mainly inhabited by people of the Pashtuns, Gujjar and Kohistani tribes with the Pashto language being the most used around the area. Towns around the Swat valley include Mingora and Saidu-Sharif (the capital of the Swat district). The area is served by the Saidu Sharif Airport.

Major Attractions Around Swat Valley

The Swat Museum, which is located halfway between Mingora and Saidu Sharif is stocked with a nice collection of Buddhist artefacts from various sites in Swat, including terracotta figurines, coins, weapons and various other items. Also visit the small town of Madyan which is close to Mangora. At Madyan, you will find stores selling all types of Swati souvenirs include jewellery, carved wood, shawls, and even coins. You can also take guided walks into the mountain villages. You can also visit the Kundol and Khapiro lakes. The area around Swat valley also features some smaller valleys such as the Mahudan valley. Generally, the area near Swat valley is a good choice for any tourist seeking a serene environment and cool weather.

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