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Hari pur

A district in the Hazara Region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Haripur District has the third most noteworthy Human Development Index of the considerable number of regions in Pakistan. The Haripur area is situated at the heart of the old Gandhara development. During the time of Alexander, the area including Taxila was known as "Eastern Gandhara", which shared boundaries extending to Kashmir. Currently, The Haripur District is divided into two tehsils, further subdivided into 44 Union Councils, of which 15 are urban Union Councils.

As of the 1998 evaluation of Haripur's populace was 692,228, and by 2005, it was assessed to have expanded to 803,000. Over 12.0% of the populace live in urban regions, while the remaining 88.0% dwelling in rural areas.

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