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Sargodha is a city and the administrative centre of the Sargodha Division, Sargodha is located in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The city is situated in the north-eastern part of the country. Sargodha is said to be the eight largest city in Pakistan, with a population exceeding 4.5 million. The origins of this city are quite old, but Sargodha was established by the British in 1903. Sargodha was quite small in the beginning, it has now grown it a very large city. Sargodha is located 172 kilometres west of Lahore, 94 km northwest of Faisalabad. Sargodha consists of flat plains, although there are few small hills on the Sargodha-Faisalabad Road.

Things to Do

Chumbi Surla Wildlife Sanctuary is about 100km from Sargodha, this is a fun place to visit, you get an opportunity to go sightseeing amongst others. Sargodha itself is a lively city, the largest airbase in Pakistan is located in this town, also the city is home to a large number of institutions which includes university and college, the most popular which is the University of Sargodgha.

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