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What is Placeme.Pk?

PlaceMe helps students seeking hostels and spaces around the country. Stay in a hostel and see places you never knew existed, with people you've just met. Our website and free app lets you book a bed, or your own room, in one of the huge list of hostels across the country: from a chic design hostel in Karachi to a quirky eco-friendly hostel in Abbottabad. No matter where your curiosity takes you next, our hostels put you at the heart of the action at budget prices. The sleek, simple design makes searching on the go a fun and easy experience.

Who Are We?

Founders of PlaceMe.PK are young entrepreneurs running successful startups and products in market. With our extensive background in online business and start-ups, we have decided to change the way Pakistanis, especially young students, would travel and book their lodging and accommodation. We are introducing an online startup that would enable Pakistanis, throughout the country, to book a quality and affordable room prior to their travel with the ease of simple click, email or telephone.

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What We Do?

Pakistani businesses and tech experts have started leaving a major mark on the world Information technology market. From online convenient stores to one click home delivery services, Pakistan is moving toe to toe with the global online industry. We have seen some amazing startups getting to be prevalent all around the globe, and it appears that our business people have voracity for additional.

PlaceMe.PK - Hostels in Pakistan

A short intro of PlaceMe and how it works, the easiest way to find nearby hostels or spaces in Pakistan. Whether you are sitting in front of your computer or using your smart-phone; the application allows you to find your accommodation in seconds using pre-defined search filters for price, gender and type.

Posted by PlaceMe on Monday, February 1, 2016

Much the same as consistently, this year various new companies developed in the business sector too. The accompanying is a gander at the gathering of the most inventive activities started by nearby experts and entrepreneurs.

With the recent developments in Web 2.0 and the future technologies of Web 3.0, there is an ever-growing need and demand for online start-ups that make life easier for online users and solves everyday problems.

One such problem is the difficulty in finding a cheap, affordable and trustworthy to stay for a night or two, whether in a private or commercial property. For that reason alone, we came up with the idea of making hostel, hotel and private property bookings easier and cheaper for Pakistanis through our start up, Placeme.pk.

Through our service, you will not only be able to book an independent room, but also find people to share room with, with the aim of lowering your rental cost. This makes us a one off service, allowing people to create a “share-base”, not only to share and live in the same room, but also make new friends in the process. In short, we are providing our users with a life-changing travel experience.

If you have any suggestions and want to reach our team, drop an email at hello[at]placeme.pk or contact us

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